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Kansas Emergency Vehicle Upfitters

Creating the emergency vehicle that will keep your business running smoothly.
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Upfitting Services

Take a look at our offered services to tailor your custom vehicle down to the very last specification.

We offer FREE estimates on every customized vehicle!

What We Do

Specialty Vehicle Source

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Our goal is to streamline your fleet services, make your job easier and safer, and provide you with industry leading parts and workmanship. Let us exceed your expectations and build your vehicle completely in-house from start to finish in one visit.

We get it. The less time a vehicle is in the shop, the more time it can spend serving you and your communities. We know your ultimate mission is to go home safely at the end of your shift, and we know that the vehicle you operate is one of your most critical tools to do that. From being able to effortlessly operate and trust the equipment you use every day, to properly illuminating the scene of an incident or work space, the product you receive from us will not let you down.

Our workspace was built specifically for emergency vehicle upfitting. It's all we do! We employ good people that are detail oriented and dedicated to producing the best vehicles around.
  • Unmarked admin or undercover units
  • Full patrol cars, suv's, and trucks
  • K9 and prisoner transport vehicles
  • Incident command vehicles
  • Equipment trailers
  • EMS supervisor vehicles
  • Custom vehicle storage solutions
  • Large armored vehicles
  • Graphics package and window tint application
  • Vehicle decommissioning

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Do you have questions before getting started? Get in touch with us today for a prompt reply!
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