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Custom Wiring

Custom Wiring Services

Here at SVS, we have the knowledge, the training, and the experience to create any custom built wiring harnesses needed to connect your equipment. Most of the time, your new products will come supplied with the required "pigtail" that allows us to integrate that part into your vehicles control systems. There's a lot of space left in between though, and a lot of different ways to approach it. We take pride in making not only the best looking wiring harnesses, but the safest, most efficient, most robust, and the best fitting. Our wire is specifically made to withstand the abuse of high performance motorsports. Our connectors are the same ones that your vehicles' manufacturer used on the assembly line. The material used to cover our harness will match your vehicles' existing wiring harness and will be tied down at the same factory locations whenever possible. It's all in the details! Come see the difference.

We offer FREE estimates on every customized vehicle!


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