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EMS Services

At this point, we are happy to welcome all of your cars, pickups, suvs, atvs, trailers, and watercraft. We know that each one of your vehicles serves a certain purpose and that they are all an important link in the chain of command on the scene of an incident. Communication, warning lights and sirens, scene illumination, organized equipment, and a properly equipped command post are just a few of the vital parts for a successful mission. We can handle it all for you right here under one roof. We can even create custom one-off solutions to accommodate your specific tools and equipment storage. All warning equipment as well as the wiring and connections leading up to it will always be rated IP67 or higher for water and dust ingress, and sturdy enough to withstand the rigorous and busy lifestyle of an EMS unit. After our first consultation, your preferences, settings, and graphic designs will be stored and ready to use for your next build.

We offer FREE estimates on every customized vehicle!


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