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Law Enforcement Services

We've got you covered whether it be your admin units, road ready patrol cars, mobile command post, or tactical vehicles. There are so many ways to configure a vehicle, so many different parts available, and the technology changes every day. We're ready to listen to what your department needs out of each vehicle and how to seamlessly integrate your new vehicles into your existing fleet. You'll receive an estimate that breaks down into each individual part, as well as a graphic view of your vehicles specific configurations prior to any work being done. Of course, we will also proactively keep you updated with new parts releases, new technology arrivals, and suggestions to make your money go as far as possible. Once your preferences and specifications are initially saved into our system, we'll be able to produce your next identical vehicle hassle-free. Is your department's fleet ready for a complete overhaul and a re-design of your warning package and/or graphics? We can do that too!

We offer FREE estimates on every customized vehicle!


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